1986 – Foundation year of “Fábrica de Confecções Maria Fernanda Oliveira Maia Serra” company. At the beginning, the company had only eight employees and an area of 91m2. The main activity was the production of men, women and child’s wear, whose destination was exclusively to the national market.

1990 – Start of production for the community union market on a subcontract basis.

1995 – Changing of the name from “Fábrica de Confecções Maria Fernanda Oliveira Maia Serra” to “Confecções Serra, Lda.”. The company continued to work at the same place and with the same workers.

1996 – 1st fase of the company’s development: increase of the production area from 91m2 to 160m2, now employing 29 workers

1998 – 2nd fase of the company’s development: change to Muro, to a warehouse with 1100m2 and increase of the number of workers to 35.

2000 – Commercialization of promotional brands (such as B&C, American Flag) as part of the company strategy as well as the exclusive representation of “Adolphe Lafont” (professional garment) and “Vincit” (children wear) brands.

2003 – Company restructuring by the creation of “Tapa Costuras – Produção e Comércio de Vestuário, Lda.” that became in charge of production, whereas “Confecções Serra, Lda.” became centered in the commercial department.

2004 – Change of facilities to Castelo da Maia.2006 – Creation of the casualwear brand Lemonjack.

2009 – Change of company name from “Confecções Serra, Lda” to “Brandbias – Business Solutions”. This new name was chosen because it was more suitable and appealing to the commercial area. The internationalization became a reality: 90% of the sales had the European Union and other countries as destination. The other 10% were destined to the national market.

2009 – Creation of the sportswear brand Sports Friend.

2011 – Commemoration of the BrandBias 25th anniversary.

2013 – Participation (as exhibitor) in the international trade fair ISPO MUNICH and MODTISSIMO (Porto).

2013 – Commemoration of the Tapa Costuras‘ 10th anniversary.

2014 – Participation (as exhibitor) in the international trade fair ISPO MUNICH and MODTISSIMO (Porto).

2016 – Participation (as exhibitor) in the MODTISSIMO (Porto – Francisco Sá Carneiro

–  1st Participation on showcase I-TECH STYLE, with a Trekking Jacket

– Commemoration of the BrandBias 30th anniversary and 10th anniversary of Lemonjack.

2017 – Participation (as exhibitor) in the MODTISSIMO and on the showcase I-TECH STYLE

–  Tapa Costuras received STeP Certification

2018 – Participation (as exhibitor) in the MODTISSIMO (Porto) and international trade fair ISPO MUNICH

–  Participation in the GREEN CIRCLE, with Burel Athleisure and Showcase I-TECH STYLE on the MODTISSIMO

–  Commemoration of the Tapa Costuras‘ 15th anniversary.

2019 – Exhibit at MODTISSIMO fair (Porto) and international trade fair ISPO MUNICH

–  Participation in Showcase I-TECH STYLE with Running set at MODTISSIMO fair- February edition. The Running set was selected as a finalist product.

–  Participation in the GREEN CIRCLE exhibit, with two sets – Sustainable Women’s set and Sustainable Running set, and Showcase I-TECH STYLE with Women’s Thermo Suit at MODTISSIMO fair- October edition.

–  Tapa Costuras received GOTS Certification (Global Organic Textile Standard).

2020 – Exhibit at MODTISSIMO fair (Porto)

–  Participation in Showcase I-TECH STYLE

–  Participation in the GREEN CIRCLE exhibit

2021 – Tapa Costuras changed it’s name to Brandbias Manufacturers

2022 – Renewed GOTS Certification (Global Organic Textile Standard)

–  Renewed STeP OEKO-TEX certification

2023 – Digital transformation of the company, implementation of “ControlTextil” real-time production software.